9mm Paras
The following headstamps have turned up on 9mm Para cartridges.

Has anyone seen actual specimens of these headstamps???

Can anyone identify these headstamps???

Any help appreciated!!!
Got an unknown headstamp???

Send it in and we will identify it or post it here!!!
This headstamp is in Farsi
and the cartridge was made
in Iran. The headstamp
translates to "DIO   6   
9mm   5"  with DIO standing
for Defense Industries
Organization. 65 is the date
1365 which is 1986 on the
Western calendar.

Thanks to Mr Ghorbani for
his identification!!!

This headstamp is a
product of Santa Barbara
S.A. in Ecuador and
appears to be a commercial
product. Details of the
identification are provided in
the link below.

Headstamp ID

Comparison with other
information on similar
7.62x39mm cartridges
indicates this headstamp is
used by Iran. Details in link

Headstamp ID

Product of Argulia in Mexico
and occurs on Proof
cartridges made for
gunmakers in  Eiber, Spain.
Details are provided in the
link below

Headstamp ID

Found in Iraq, packed in an
obviously fake box marked
Confidently identified as
Albanian. The ammunition
Factory is KM Polican.
Details are provided in the
link below:

Headstamp ID  

Not in GIG Concepts
Reference Collection

CN color, magnetic RN
bullet and a Belgian style
domed primer

Overall weight is 182gr.
Probably a 9mm Glisenti
Cuponickel (CN) color
truncated bullet with the
typical Glisenti ogive.
Overall weight is 186gr
Perhaps a Spanish
post-WWII production for
use in Glisenti pistols when
Italian ammunition was
Loaded with a black other
Belgium cases (like
Belgium by the Germans at
the beginning of the War.

Overall weight is 156gr.

Probably an FN contract
load for somebody
BUT WHO????.
Non-magnetic Guilding-
Metal Round-nose bullet.

188 gr overall weight
implies a 124gr bullet.

No other data available

Any idea who code 621 is??
I picked up these Pressure Test cartridges at the
recent ECRA meeting in Switzerland, but I have
lost my note on them. All have different
headstamps and have two pressure test holes (of
different sizes!!!) in the case, and then not quite
across from these is a hole drilled through the
case and into the bullet. All have a dark green
strip across the case head.
Can anyone tell me
what these are???
Switzerland, and again I have lost my note on them. All have
different headstamps  All have a black strip across the case
head.  In addition they have four distinctive punctures in the
bullet, two relatively close together on one side and two on the
other. It looks like some kind of gripping tool was used to pull the
Can anyone tell me what these are???
Two strangly marked cartridges. Neither looks like a reload. Both
have a shallow depression drilled in the head and painted red.
Has anyone encountered anything similar to these two
Unidentified Headstamps
(and Previously Unidentified headstamps with Identification)
Previously Unidentified Headstamps with Identification