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Herter's Ammunition: Herter's was a company that sold a wide variety of sporting cloths including hunting,
fishing and camping supplies in the 1960s and 1970s. They sold some loaded ammunition and a wide range of
components. (a good history of Herter's, particularly focused on ammunition, would be appreciated and will be
posted here)

Herter's imported 9x19mm cases with it's headstamps from Sweden (probably by Svenska Metallverken, Stockholm
since there are loaded rounds in other calibers with "SM" on the primers), Canada and Finland.

The company apparently did not usually sell loaded 9x19mm ammuniiton. Most known boxes are for cartridge
cases. There is one gray Canadian box known where the block showing the caliber also shows the bullet weight,
Indicating that Herters probably loaded some 9x19mm ammunition. The box is shown at the bottom of the Herters
From Left to Right the Cases were made in Sweden Canada and Finland. They
are identified by:

  • Sweden: Dots before & after "HERTER'S",
  • Canada: No dots, 9M/M
  • Finland: No dots 9MM
Herter's boxes came in a number of styles. Note that the silver box occurs with both Swedish and Finnish cases
in almost identical boxes.
Swedish Boxes
Canadian Boxes
Finnish Box
Herter's Box with loaded ammunition-courtesy of Gary Muckel.