Lithuanian made 5.56x45mm NATO
Will be available at 2015 meetings in Europe. Let me know if I should put away one for you. Box may be
available on request.
WPA (Wolf) 223 Rem
This is 2014 production by Barnaul for the US shooter market. It is probably common, but if anyone would
like me to bring some to SLICS or elsewhere, let me know. Empty boxes will be available.
Russian made steel case ammunition for MFS of Hungary
Will be available at 2015 meetings in Europe. Unusual dual headstamp with both the MFS and Barnaul
codes. Zinc coated steel case. Let me know if you'd like to reserve one or a set.

Note the 30-06 has a groove above the case head to allow easier extraction.
Items below are available at Meetings by special request
Pakistani 410 Single Ball MK-1-Z P.O.F. 1960 production
Both 10 round boxes and single rounds are available. The
headstamp is as illustrated below. These are for the British SMLE .
410 smooth bore rifles that have been widely used by the police in
both India and Pakistan. The round is basically an un-necked .303
British. These are not 410 shotshells but a different caliber. They
are also referred to as the .410” Musket. The rifles are basically
production SMLE converted to single shot .410 weapons at at RFI
Ishapore, India with the magazine replaced by a wooden plug.
Conversion seems to have been done from the early 1930s through
1949 at least.

More information can be found at http://iaaforum.
org/forum3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=16281 and http://en.wikipedia.
RED ARMY Brand Ammunition by Century Arms
For about a year or more Century Arms has been offering dealers their RED ARMY brand in a number of
Calibers. The ammunition has been produced in both the Ukraine and in Romania. The following rounds
are those which are currently available. This ammunition is not sold in Europe. Please let me know if you
would like me to bring some to one of the 2015 meetings.

More info available at:
Australian made 223 Remington Cartridge
Will be available at 2015 meetings in Europe. Let me know if I should put away one for you.
These items have been recently acquired and can
be ordered for delivery at SLICS 2015 and  other
Most European Meeting

Items are by request only.
Contact me at