A VERY INTERESTING drawing of a German steel case
design from 1943 and 1944. This probably wouldn't be
visible from the outside of the case. Two cases with this
construction have been found. Both had unusual
headstamps. One was headstamped "43 dnf" at the
12:00 O'Clock position and the other "44 dnf".  

There is a loaded cartridge known with the "43 dnf "
headstamp and a red painted bullet and a "44 dnf"
headstamped load with a SE bullet with grooves. Both
these loads are in the collection of the Woodin Lab. It is
assumed that the cases are the style illustrated below.

Note the drawing indicates the case is intended for a
"Flanschengeschoss" or Flange projectile which is
consistent with the grooved bullet.

Has anyone seen other loaded rounds with this
headstamp other than the ones in the Woodin Lab

Has anyone ever seen a box label for these cartridges???