1.   Drawing of Israeli Green tip AP. Appears to have been
produced in the late 1990s
3.   Drawing of a Glaser style bullet produced by PMP in 1986
and Examples of Glaser bullets and MagSafe style bullets
made by PMP
Courtesy of R Seyfrid
Index to Drawings:
  1. Israeli Green Tip Penetrator with actual cartridge and
  2. French THV Bullet-1983
  3. South African Glaser Bullet by PMP with specimens of
    the cartridges and specimens of MagSafe cartridges
2.   Drawing of a late style THV bullet from 1983
Box from French tests of this green tip IMI AP load.
A selection of Glaser style bullets produced by PMP. Most
were prototypes only. The third from the right with the rough
red bullet tip and the SBP headstamp was reportedly made in
South Africa for the Rhodesian Police, probably by PMP.

Correction from Will Reuter. the two cartridges on the top
right with the yellow and white balls in the tip are actually
"CONE" loads which are large HP bullets with the plastic ball
in the tip to aid functioning in weapons. A cutaway photo is
provided below.
PMP may have tested a version of the US MagSafe load with
a bullet consisting of an epoxy filled jacket containing shot.
The round on the left below was reported to be South
Africian but an authority on South Africian ammunition
questions that identification. He has found no evidence that
this style ammunition was loaded in South Africa.  

The round on the right is perhaps South Africian because of
the use sawtooth jacket and the knurl on the bullet. Neither
characteristic has been observed on confirmed MagSafe
ammunition produced in the US. If this cartridge is a product
of MagSafe in the US then the South Africian origin of the
round on the left becomes suspect.
At left is a photo (courtesy of
Will Reuter) showing the internal
construction of the CONE
bullets loaded by PMP.