This page is dedicated to an effort that began on the IAA Forum (
to date cartridge boxes (primarily commercial boxes) by a coded date that is frequently used by the
manufacturer. Below are .pdf files which provide codes for some of the companies. This is a work in progress
and even the material below varies from having some possible holes (Kynoch) to being very incomplete and only
valid for a small segment of the dates (Winchester/Olin).

The material is presented in an effort to expand the information that is available and to mature this material into
a reasonably accurate picture of how the boxes are dated.

Everyone's help is appreciated. If you have any relevant information, please contact me at

Note that I am working on some other companies also. I am particularly interested in information on the codes
used by the German company DWM between WWI and WWII, but information on the codes used by any
company would be greatly appreciated.

Since I'm a collector of 9x19mm ammunition, those are the boxes I have illustrated, but information on any boxes
will contribute, particularly those boxes which have a code, but can also be independently dated so we know
which year the code represents.

Thank you for your assistance.

The links below open the .pdf file for the approprate document

I have removed most of the links below because of some are
concerned with the sensitivity of the data, and because almost no
members of the IAA Forum has bothered to contribute data.

Information is still available to those who contributed to the project.

If you are interested in this project or data contact me by email!
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