Free Reference Material Downloads
There are important reference documents that do not lend themselves
publication by GIG Concepts Inc. These documents are provided as free
downloads to those who are interested in the history of ammunition.

If you have a document that you would like to share with others who are
interested in Ammunition or related subjects please send us a copy at
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British Treatise on Ammunition - 1915

Beautifully illustrated document covering primarily large caliber ammunition in the British service in
1915. Written by the Ammunition Branch of the Ordnance College in August 1914 and published by the
War Office. Its 693 pages are full of color drawings of the cutaways of ordnance. Lots of technical data
US Army Ordnance School Text OS9-18 Ammunition General - 1942

Technical information and drawings of US small arms ammunition in use at the beginning of WW II.
Total of 45 pages. An excellent reference.
US Ammunition Manufacturers Codes - 1990, 1998 and 1999
Ammunition Lot Numbering - 1975 and 1998
Ammunition Color Codes - 1976 and 2009

MIL-HDBK-1461 is the definitive list of the codes assigned to companies worldwide that supply
ammunition to the Department of Defense. The 1998 edition is 426 pages and the 1999 edition
(1461A) is 463 pages. This latest version was still valid in 2004. Before 1998, this document was a Mil
Std. The 1990 edition (Mil-Std-1461E) is 429 pages. An essential reference for anyone who deals with
ammunition. There were earlier versions of this document (Mil-Std-1461and 1461A through 1461D
(dated 1980)). If you have a copy of any of these documents, or whatever document preceeded them,
please send me a copy so I can make it available.

Mil-Std-1168B (1998) and Mil-Std-1168A (1975) describes US military ammunition lot numbers and how
to read them including Experimental lots, trial lots, etc. There is significant changes in lot number
processes between the two documents. Also available is a Navy briefing from 2004 that illustrates the
differences between the different lot number procedures.

Mil-Std-709D (2009) and Mil-Std-709C (1976) define the approved color codes for ammunition.
US Army Ammunition Data Sheets - 1994 and 1998

Complete set of data sheets with drawings and data on US Army small arms ammunition through 30mm.
The 1994 edition is 201 pages and the 1998 edition is 325 pages.
US Army Data Sheets for Cartridge Actuated Devices - 1991

This document contains 239 pages of information on cartridge actuated devices. The only document
that will identify some of the things that turn up. Full of both drawings and technical data
Links to Other Interesting Downloads
I don't know where I got this list of links, perhaps off the Forum

Dictionary of explosives (1920)
(splendid little book giving information on commercial explosives, including gunpowders)

Cartridge manufacture; a treatise covering the manufacture of rifle cartridge cases, bullets, powders,
primers and cartridge clips, and the designing and making of the tools used in connection with the
production of cartridge cases and bullets (1916)
(I am pleased to own a printed copy of this book, it details manufacture at a 'Canadian' plant, as well as
covering at some length chargers, and the 8mm Lebel.)

Sporting Fire-arms for Bush and Jungle: Or, Hints to Intending Griffs and Colonists on the ... (1884)
(Hard copies of this book sell for over 200$s usually, and though not a true 'cartridge' book it makes
for interesting reading)

Bicycle accessories : 1900 [catalogue (1900)
(Yes it is a bike catalogue, but has ammunition and fireams, including pricing... very interesting - see
page 88 on!!)

The following are added simply because they may be of interest, there are some fine books
here, including many very hard to find titles in the printed world.

United States artillery ammunition; 3 to 6 in. shrapnel shells, 3 to 6 in. high explosive shells and their
cartridge cases (1917)

Nitro-explosives; a practical treatise concerning the properties, manufacture, and analysis of nitrated
substances, including the fulminates, smokeless powders, and celluloid (1906)

Method of investigation and test of smokeless powder for small arms and cannon. Feb. 10, 1910. Rev.
July 25, 1913 (1917)

Smokeless Powder, Nitro-cellulose: And Theory of the Cellulose Molecule (1901)

Smokeless powder and its influence on gun construction (1890)


Report on the Manufacture of Fire-arms and Ammunition (1882)

Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition (1917)

Ammunition for rifled ordnance (1818)

The Armies of Industry: Our Nation's Manufacture of Munitions for a World in ... (1921)

High-explosive shell manufacture; a comprehensive treatise on the forging, machining and
heat-treatment of high-explosive shells and the manufacture of cartridge cases, primers, and fuses,
giving complete directions for tool equipment and methods of setting up machines, together with a
review of the making of powders, high explosives, and fulminates (1916)

Manufacture of artillery ammunition (1917)

Safety precautions to be observed in handling German munitions, fuzes and fuzed projectiles (1918)

Les Armes a Feu Portatives de Armees Actuelles et Leurs Munitions (1893)

Gunnery in 1858: being a treatise on rifles, cannon, and sporting arms; (1858)

Sporting firearms (1912)

Description of the Colt's double-action revolver, caliber .45, model of 1909 : with rules for
management, memoranda of trajectory, and description of ammunition, September 10, 1909 (1917)

Theory and design of recoil systems and gun carriages ([1921])

Notes on Austro-Hungarian fuzes (c1917)

Workshop hints for munition workers (1916)
(not a particularly useful book actually, but some odd tidbits are contained in it)

Military Commission to Europe in 1855 and 1856: Report of Major Alfred ... (1861)

Description of Decapping and Cleaning Tools for Small-arms Cartridges ... (1916)

A treatise on ordnance and armor: embracing descriptions, discussions, and professional opinions
concerning the material, fabrication, requirements, capabilities, and endurance of European and
American guns for naval, sea-coast, and iron-clad warfare, and their rifling, projectiles and
breech-loading (1865)

Ordnance and Gunnery: A Text-book Prepared for the Cadets of the United ... (1907)

A course of instruction in ordnance and gunnery : Text (1891)

Course in Exterior Ballistics: Ordnance Textbook (1921)

These are some documents that are available from the Dutch ECRA

Training Manual caliber .50 M2 Browning Machine Gun, General Motors War Products (22 MB)

Torpedoes and Torpedo Warfare: containing a complete and concise account of the Rise and
Progress of Submarine Warfare by C.W. Sleeman, Esq., 1880 (59 MB)

Surgical Experiences in South Africa 1899-1900,Being Mainly a Clinical Study of the Nature and Effects
of Injuries Produced by Bullets of Small Calibre by George Henry Makins, senior surgeon to St.
Thomas's Hospital, London, 1913 (66 MB)

Smokeless Powder and it's Influence on Gun Construction by James Atkinson Longridge, 1890(9 MB)

Workshop Hints for Munition Workers, by Bernard E. Jones, Funk & Wagnalls Company, New York,
1916(15 MB)

9mm Parabellum (Luger) Headstamp Checklist
US Army Experimental Ammunition   T-Numbers

This is a list of the T-Numbers applied to expermental ammunition by the US Army. It is about 12 pages
and is probably an extract fromTM-108. The date of this list is unknown
CIA Catalog of Ammunition

These are the ammunition pages from a copy of an "Agency" supply catalog. I want members to see it
and take note of #'s: H00-0756, H00-3670, H00-4405, H00-2304, H00-2618 to 1739, and H00-1475 to
2617. The Canadian 7.92 and 9mm I believe are all those MM 40s. Lots of interesting info and
questions there.
Material Asserting The Use of Dum-Dum Bullets in WWI

This material includes a German flyer alledging French use of Dum-Dum bullets including a photo of a
pack of French short-range ammunition. It also includes a partial French document [
Balles dum-dum,
balles explosibles, balles explosibles autrichiennes 1914-1916, par le Docteur Émile
Dutertre-Deléiéleuse, Paris, 1916
], discussing the use of Dum-Dum and similar bullets by other
Russian Language Documents - 1946

Encyclopedia of Cartridges and Hand and Special Grenades Of Foreign Armies by USSR Department
of Defense 1946.
Sixty-nine pages of drawings of ammunition, grenades and packing of non-USSR
items. In Russian.

Artillery Ammunition by Tretyakov G.M. 1946. Over 250 pages of data, drawings and tables related to
the theory and practical aspects of artillery ammunition.
German Ammunition Descriptions thru 30mm - 1942

-"Munitionsvorschrift für Fliegerbordwaffen Teil 10 Handbuch der Munition für Fliegerbordwaffen"
German small arms ammunition through 30mm and some fuse drawings. The 1942 edition with 214
pages. Thanks to Fede from the IAA forum for this document. There is also a 1944 edition. If anyone
has a copy please let me know.
Azerbaijan MOD SAA Catalog  
This is a 54 page, illustrated catalog which illustrates the small arms ammunition produced in official
NATO Reference Material:
STANAG 4090 (9x19mm) 1982
This document standardizes the design of 9mm Parabellum small arms ammunition for use by NATO
Armed Forces to ensure functional interchangability on the battlefield.
Briefing on Ammunition Standardization 2007
Charts discussing testing at the NATO Certified Test Centers. Good basic description of the
ammunition standardization program.
Free Cartridge Company Catalogs

post cartridge catalogs available for free download. Currently I have DWM, Geco and RWS catalogs
from my files posted and will post more as they become available (Please donate any that you have
so we can all have access to the them for research.

I have also posted links where catalogs can be downloaded. So far this is limited to the material put
together by Roger Hugel and Ron Merchant which includes an amazingly complete collection of
Rem-UMC, Peters, Western and UMC material.
APG Document Identifying When Non-Corrosive Ammunition Was Introduced   
each supplier of small arms ammunition to the US Army introduced non-corrosive primers, by caliber.
Unfortunately, some of the Cal .30 and 7.62mm Match data is incorrect.