Free Cartridge Catalogs and Related Material

The links below will connect you with downloadable copies of cartridge
catalogs and related material such as price lists ballistic tables and
cartridge drawing index for the particular organization.
DWM Catalogs and related material
Geco Catalogs
RWS Catalogs
The following links will take you to the material put together by Roger Hugel and Ron Merchant on
"". Over the last 5 or 6 years they have accumulated a vast library of
cartridge catalogs, price lists and associated material, much of it with the help of the members of the
IAA Forum. The website contains great information on .22 boxes, but the catalog listings are a real
resource for almost all collectors. The direct links to the manufacturers are listed below.
Rem-UMC Catalogs 1911-2012
Peters Catalogs 1896-1980
Western Catalogs 1914-1976 and Company History
UMC Catalogs 1866-1910 and Company History
Most of these are large files and will take some time to download-Please be patient
Other Catalogs - Particularly Old Catalogs