German P08 Ammo Cartons and Cases
1945 and prior
German 16 round boxes are very well known and commonly available, but the cartons and wooden
crates that they were packed in are far less common. During and immediately prior to WWII, both the
cardboard cartons and crates used for 9mm P08 ammunition are identical to that used for 7.92x57mm
rifle ammunition packed in 15 round boxes. The cartons held 20 boxes of rifle ammunition, and the
metal lined wooden case held 5 of the 300 round cartons. When adapted for 9mm ammunition packed
in 16 round boxes, the cartons held 832 rounds packed in 52 of the 16 round boxes, and the case held
5 cartons or 4160 pistol cartridges.

No German army P08 ammunition cartons or cases are known from before 1940. Two German Navy
containers are known which appear to be intended for shipboard use and are watertight. These will be
covered in a separate portion of this site dealing with German naval C04 ammunition.

Most of the items pictured here were provided by other collectors. Particular thanks to Rolf Foerster,
Matt Collins and Kurt Detremerie.

If you have images of German carton or case labels please send them to me at lcurtis@gigconceptsinc.
com. Your help will benefit us all.

The material in this section is arranged by the German letter code for the loading facility.