The drawing immediately below is extremely interesting since the cartridge
illustrated was clearly intended to be the original ammunition delivered with the
Vickers Luger. The 1920 ammunition for this contract actually bore a Kynoch
headstamp (see next drawing below) and it is not clear that the Eley Vickers
headstamp illustrated below was ever produced since no specimens have been
encountered. In 1920, Kynoch had already acquired Eley. If anyone has any
information on this Eley load or can confirm the existance of this headstamp
please contact me at
The following drawing dates from the mid-1930s but continues to use the headstamp style associated with
the Vickers contract for Holland and the 9mm Para ammunition provided to Dominion in Canada.
Issue No. 5 of the D.D.O.S (A) document below was published in January 1941. The mention of Remington
9mm Parabellum ammunition is particularly interesting since
the author knows of no Remington contract
for 9mm Para ammunition for the UK during WWII. Any further information on this would be greatly
Tony Edwards indicated the UK purchased .30 cal and .45 ACP from Remington directly very
early on, even before the RAF contracts for .30 and .50 but he has no record of a purchase of 9mm Para.
Thanks to Norman Bonney for the dating of this document.

The comment on 9mm Mauser ammunition came as a surprise. Tony Edwards tells me that the UK was certainly
playing with Solothurn SMGs chambered in Mauser, as there is an OB Proc. about silencers being tested on
these Solothurns. There is also a remark about being careful about correctly identifying 9mm rounds. Also on a
list of SMGs being tested there are the Slothurn and a Neuheusen both in 9mm Mauser. He also sent a copy of
Pamphlet No 11, Small Arms Ammunition., dated February 1945, which mentions 9mm Mauser ammunition and
indicated it was still mentioned in the April 1949 edition.
The following is an extract from Pamphlet No 11, Small Arms Ammunition., dated 1945