Dr. Edward Maynard's Cartridges  by George Murphy
The definitive book on Maynard cartridges. Hard bound in a forest green
cover with gold letters, printed in color throughout, this is a must have for
anyone interested in Maynard cartridges. It includes 94 pages of text and
color photographs of Maynard's cartridges and related items followed by
56 pages of Maynard's patents and related information. It begins with a
history of Dr. Maynard and the companies he was associated with. The
following 24 sections of the book describe the cartridges and related
items of Dr Maynard. These 87 pages include color illustrations of the
Maynard cartridges, boxes and related items. An essential reference work
for those interested in the early development of cartridge firearms. Many
unique experimentals are illustrated. Only 100 copies have are available,
all on high quality paper.
$70          Postage paid for US.  Add for Canada $5 & Overseas $16(Surface)
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$70 for US buyers
$75 for Canadian buyers
$86 for Overseas buyers
Photo Quality in the following images does not reflect the quality
of the photos in the book. These are JPG images scanned from
actual pages and I haven't yet figured out how to get the photos
to copy accurately! The photos in the book are excellent