9mm Parabellum (Luger) Headstamp Checklist
2002 Edition
This checklist was created in 2002 and at that included all the 9mm
Parabellum headstamps in my collection and those which had been reported
to exist. The checklist is produced from the computer database I have used
for 20 years to manage my collection, and the information I receive on 9mm
Para ammunition. I have used this material as basic information I take to
shows and when I visit collections. Some of the format constraints of this
checklist are a result of the database I use. This data is changing constantly
as new headstamps are discovered and additional information turns up on the
previously identified headstamps. Be Warned!!! Many of the country and
manufacturer identifications in this list are tentative and this format pf the
database does not allow for a fuller explanation. In addition, Some of the
identifications have been found inaccurate since the checklist was produced.
For the most current identification of a headstamp code check the IAA
headstamp code list at http://cartridgecollectors.org/headstampcodes.
htm. If you disagree with any of these identifications, contact me and we will
exchange information.

The checklist is divided into four sections.
1.        Introduction: This introduction to the checklist that explains how it is
organized, its contents, the codes used and how to use the checklist.
2.        Headstamp Listing: The Headstamp Listing provides a “typewriter”
style list of all the known headstamps in the alphabetic order of the assigned
Headstamp Code (not in alphabetic order of the headstamps themselves,
though it is close).
3.        Manufacturer Listing: This listing includes all the headstamps again, but
this time they are organized alphabetically by country code and manufacturer
4.        Headstamp Illustrations: The illustrations provide the actual headstamp
photos or drawings for about 200 headstamps where size variations are
significant, or where there are symbols or foreign script that can’t be properly
captured by the typed version of the headstamp. These headstamps are
generally arranged in Headstamp Code order, but I have deviated from this
order to make sure the headstamps to be compared are next to each other.

Explanation of Codes
The key to the listing is the headstamp codes used to identify the individual
headstamps. These are the same codes I use in the 9mm Parabellum
Headstamp and Case Type Guide. Each headstamp is assigned a five digit
Headstamp Code that uniquely identifies the headstamp. The code usually
includes, in upper case, the first two letters from the headstamp (one letter if
that is all that is available). Other codes are used where letters are not
included in the headstamp.
Ar - Headstamps composed of Arabic characters
Cr - Headstamps that include only the caliber designation
Hb – Headstamps composed of Hebrew characters
Nu - Headstamps with only number codes
Sy - Headstamps that contain symbols, characters other than Arabic or
Hebrew, or other codes
os - Overstamps with a particular meaning used on a variety of headstamps
The next two digits of the Headstamp Code are a sequence number for the
particular code on the headstamp, and the final digit is a letter that identifies
the specific headstamp style. These codes have been assigned over the past
fifteen years as new headstamps have been discovered and are not in a
totally logical order.

Where a headstamp is not in my collection, I have so indicated. This notation
also includes a code to indicate the credibility of the existence of the
headstamp. These are the same codes used in the 9mm Parabellum
Headstamp Guide. The codes are as follows:

(2).        The headstamp is confirmed to exist and the author has either seen
the headstamp or has a photograph of the headstamp.
(3).        The headstamp is reliably reported to exist and the author has a
record of the collection that contains this headstamp.
(4).        The headstamp is reported to exist, typically in a publication, or is
taken from an engineering drawing or other source, but it’s existence has not
been confirmed.

The Headstamp Listing includes a letter code (1-4 digits long) that identifies
the manufacturer. These manufacturer codes also show up in the
Manufacturers Listing.

Confirmation of Headstamps
I am always interested in identifying who has headstamps that don’t exist in
my collection. If you have any of the headstamps that I don’t have, or you
know someone who has one, please let me know. I try to keep track of how
many are known. The same goes for any of the rare headstamps I have. If
you also have one, let me know so I can record the fact.

There are headstamps on the list [Credibility Code (4)] which I have been
unable to confirm actually exist. There are also headstamps which are
rumored to exist, but which I haven’t put on the list. If you can confirm any of
them I would appreciate it. If possible I would appreciate a photo or some
other documentation of the headstamp, even if it is a simple pencil rubbing of
the headstamp.

Further Information
If you are interested in more information on 9mm Parabellum headstamps, we
also publish a
Headstamp Guide which provides much greater detail on the
individual headstamps. This Guide also provides photographs of the boxes and
descriptions and photographs of the various case types encountered in each
headstamp. Information on this guide and sample pages are included at the
end of this checklist as is my current 9mm Parabellum want list. The
headstamp codes used in the Guide were created after the data in this list
was created and will differ in some areas.

Any information on the headstamps illustrated on the wantlist where I question
the existence of the headstamp would be appreciated.

An excellent source of information on 9mm Parabellum and other cartridges is
International Ammunition Association. A membership application is
available on the IAA web site.

Credits and Acknowledgments
This checklist would not have been possible without the extensive assistance
from John Moss, George Kass and Bill Woodin of the Woodin Laboratory.
Many others have contributed over the years including Dave Andrews, Russ
Cornell, Randy Elzea, Erik Glasstetter, Rolf Forester, Ted Koch, Peter
Labbett, Dick Manos, Gary Muckel, Rolf Pfennig, Philippe Regenstreif,
Warner Schaltenbrand, John Scott and Herb Woodend. My thanks to them all.
Lewis Curtis
Headstamp List
Headstamp Code
Headstamp List
Headstamp Illustrations
The headstamps illustrated below are those where some aspect of letter
style, letter size or arrangement differentiates the headstamps, or those
headstamps identified by characters or symbols which cannot be portrayed in
the listings above. Sorry for the images. I am still having problems importing
images from publishing.