9mm Glisenti Cartridges
This page is still under development but is intended to become a major research source on the 9mm
Glisenti Cartridge.
9mm Glisenti material from Ministero Della Marina (Italian Ministery of the
Navy), Istruzioni Militari per la R. Marina, dated 1929.
Italian Navy Dummy: Alessio Grimaldi, an Italian researcher described this round as follows:
R.M. Glisenti Dummy (Corrugated: Description is from 1931 Navy Manual (I sent you title page
and pages on 9mm Glisenti). R.M. (Regia Marina=Royal Navy), 1913 is a Navy model for the
Glisenti pistol variation usually known as "Brixia Pistol".

Later he described it as having a:
lack oxidized truncated nose bullet with 4 longitudinal corrugations.

He described the packing as:
7 cartridges in carton covered with blue paper with markings including the words "DA

The cartridge illustrated at right is believed to be this R.M. 1913 dummy. The reference is
believed to be that at the link below.